Counterfeiting is not a new phenomenon in the Textile branch, and the more manufacturers invest in the development of high-quality products, the better they can protect their products against low-quality copying. Weaving, as a fabric production process, offers concrete solutions, but these require adapted machinery.

Stäubli offers a versatile product range of Jacquard machines for weaving individual designs or strokes into labels and name selvedges for haute couture fabrics.

N4L Jacquard machine

Stäubli recently launched its latest answer to the challenges of individualised selvedge weaving: the N4L Jacquard machine, which allows weaving complicated patterns at the highest speeds.

With its ergonomic design, the machine is easy to handle and easily adaptable to high-density name selvedge weaving. Weavers appreciate its robust construction, its new electronic architecture, and the dust-proof design, all of which makes for the highest operational reliability. The N4L Jacquard machine provides true added value by reliably weaving brand names into selvedges or fabrics at very high speeds – deterring others from producing fake copies.

With its LX/LXL/LXXL Jacquard machine series, Stäubli offers large-format solutions (formats from 3.072 to 25.600 hooks) for flat, terry, upholstery, and technical textiles. These machines also allow weaving efficiently personalised labels to brandmark men suits or adding unique serial numbers to any high-value woven goods.