Morgan Tecnica (Brescia province) presents Next2 Delta, the updated version of the Next2 automatic cutter, available for 3, 5, 7 and 9 cm lays, besides a specific version for denim.
Thanks to a new and innovative Omron electronic equipment and to some special mechanical and software devices, the Delta evolution of Next2 promises an extra 15% average improvement of performances, always with same cutting precision, even with zero buffer, while being even more noiseless and offering higher comfort and safety for the operator.

The new PC station has been redesigned to improve ergonomy and design. Morgan Tecnica also added a new, more efficient safety system with laser sensors and colored led on the cutting bridge, to highlight different status of the machine: standard (full speed), warning (automatically reduced speed), emergency (stop).

Next2 Delta: Easy Picking system

The most interesting piece of news in Next2 Delta is the exclusive Easy Picking system for the pick-up of cut bundles. Easy Picking is a new type of unloading belt made of special, soft plastic bristles, where the operator’s hands can go under to easily, safely and comfortably pick up the cut bundle from the bottom. The system is designed to be compatible with a robotized picking arm.

Industry 4.0

Next2 Delta – like every Morgan machine – is Industry 4.0 and it includes a new Data Center for the real time monitoring of working data, besides the possibility to interface with the Morgan Analytics Web App, for cutting room efficiency and productivity analysis.