Many companies today pay attention to consumption and pollution during production processes.

In the Textile Industry, at every stage of the supply chain, it is important to carry out continuous checks that provide reliable data both to obtain optimum results and to react in real time where necessary.

The constant focus on innovation that ETV Elettronica Tessile Varese demonstrates in the production of technologically advanced devices brings many advantages: their systems allow employees to be connected to the company network at all times, to quickly transmit collected production data to management systems, to obtain a constant and precise monitoring.

HYGROMATIC-HMI is the name of the solution designed by ETV for processes requiring the control of residual moisture in the fabric or yarn. It is simple, compact and offers high performance, accurate and fast measurement, networking and automatic action for machine adjustments.

The mobile version is the portable HYGROFASTER-e, an instrument to be used in any situation – warehouse, production, laboratory – to have an exact and real time measurement of the residual moisture in any textile or non-wovens fiber.