Although the Italian company Valiani has always been associated with the world of framing and packaging, in recent years it has also been achieving good results in the field of Textile, Leather and Footwear Industry.

Therefore, Invicta has been produced, totally designed and conceived within Valiani factories: it is a solution for cutting cardboard, folding and fiberboard, over 1 mm thick, so as to make it easier to draw paper patterns in pen.

The idea behind the project is to supplement Valiani technology and experience in the production of cutting plotters with the needs of the Apparel and related sectors, with a view to offering specific cutting solutions that can be integrated with the main CAD systems on the market. This would guarantee model makers a piece of equipment allowing them to cut, along with paper patterns, also leather, fabric or any material to create prototypes, samples, tailor-made garments and small series, reducing the time and costs of prototyping and production.

The new machinery is highly reliable and robust, built in full compliance with the Made in Italy concept. It is covered by a 5-year warranty and can be customized with a wide range of tools, thereby guaranteeing high versatility in the processing of different materials, shapes and thicknesses (up to 5 mm or 20 mm with oscillating tool).

The company, dipped into the heart of the Tuscan countryside, strongly believes in this compact and innovative cutting machine, through which it can further grow in the Apparel and Fashion Industry, both in Italy and abroad.