Pony, manufacturer of professional finishing and pressing equipment from 1958, has always paid great attention to the special needs of the Textile Industry, with cutting-edge products and technologies specifically designed to meet the requests of garment producers and Fashion evolution.

The company’s machines have always been designed with focus on guaranteeing excellent reliability, productivity, safety and ironing quality, while safeguarding the well-being of the operator and the environment.

Over the years, Pony’s range has been continuously increased, starting from small generators up to today’s shirt-finishers:

  • Electric steam generators from 4 up to 66 Kw;
  • Vacuum and/or blowing and/or up-steaming ironing tables with fixed or adjustable height depending on the garment to be ironed or user needs;
  • Simple or for tensioned form finishers for outerwear, which can be equipped with inverter for the fan power management;
  • Pneumatic toppers suitable for jeans and classic trousers, with anti-stretching devices and inverter for the fan power management;
  • Ironing presses, such as our new DLP (Double Legger Press) for the simultaneous ironing of the four pleats of trousers;
  • Shirt ironers with “H.A.R.S.” system for heat recovery and energy saving.

Furthermore, for years Pony has been adding ozone sanitizing products to its range and, in this particularly difficult period due to Covid-19, the company has started producing specific electric generators for cleaning and disinfection using a very familiar technology – steam – in order to meet the most varied needs of the Textile Industry.

Pony will be glad to show its machines in the showroom in Inzago (MI).