At Officina+39, the Biella-based company that develops fashion and sustainable chemicals, the word “waste” becomes synonymous with opportunity, a source to create something new, fostering what Officina+39 defines a true, Trustainable™ circularity.

From this vision comes to be Recycrom™, a revolutionary and sustainable dyestuffs range patented by Officina+39, which employs recycled used clothing, fibrous material and textile scraps: its full range of pigment powders is obtained through a cutting-edge upcycling process that involves textile fibers from used clothing and manufacturing waste for dyeing and printing applications.

Recycrom™ is available in many colors using 100% of recycled textile materials, resulting in fashionable dyeing, printing and coloring to be used on cotton, wool, nylon or any cellulosic and natural fiber or blend.

The sector has been hit hard in recent years by the pandemic and the difficulty in finding raw materials, but chances have been generated to think about new partnerships and initiatives, to focus on available resources and real needs, and to invest in sustainable technologies for change.

This is the case of the partnership initially born remotely between Officina+39 and Blue of a kind: the Italian brand defines itself not just as a Fashion company, rather as a community built around the idea to combine uncompromised style with sustainable production process. From this collaboration comes to be RECYCROM™ X Blue of a kind, a collection of handcrafted upcycled products enriched by the use of Officina+39’s sustainable Recycrom™ dyestuff.