Textile yarn processing under control


Verdol is a major player supplying machinery in the field of cabling and twisting for synthetic filaments and spun yarns. For the Cabling & Twisting process, the Company offers a wide range of machines with mechanical spindles: CD, DT and CDDT, now available with ecoTex®, the well known technological textile components with a significantly reduced energy consumption. They are designed to process each type of yarn as economically as possible and in compliance with an industrial and ergonomic environment. Verdol offers today a complete range of twisting machines for embroidery and sewing thread applications, single and double covering machines for hosiery, stockings, sportswear and technical yarns, air covering machines for hosiery, stockings and sportswear…, combined machines to twist and shrink nylon yarn through thermal treatment.

Moreover The Monitoring Unit System for Textile machinery by Verdol, already installed at major carpet, glass and T&I yarn producers, enables a live overview of process information, production results and quality control data at all levels from the cabler and twister to the weaving looms.