Solutions for the global weaving industry


Itema incorporated the best of its revered brands Somet, Sultex & Vamatex behind one single brand “Itema”. With many years of success, the result of this collaborative effort is an important milestone for the company and a benchmark of quality for the global weaving industry.

With the widest application range, the R9500 (in the picture) is the backbone of Itema. Highly versatile, it enables the customer to target new opportunities and quickly penetrate new markets. The Alpha PGA is the most flexible machine with regard to inserting different weft materials and yarn counts into the same fabric (e.g. upholstery). The Silver DynaTerry Rapier Weaving Machine is the Silver DT is the best solution to produce high quality terry products.

The P7300HP V8 projectile weaving machine is a further development of the P7300HP and is targeted towards future marketing needs. The sum of the technological advances once again confirms the superiority of the projectile weaving machine technology. The low energy consumption, its versatility and the outstanding adaptability to the ever changing market make the projectile weaving machine a safe investment with excellent return on investment. The projectile weaving machine is best suitable for technical fabrics.

Itema CWT Customized Weaving Technology covers weaving machines for agrotextiles and geotextiles, conveyor belts, sail cloth, cinema and theatre screens, filter fabrics, tarpaulins and so forth. This enables our customers to conquer new markets. CWT applications are the first choice for heavy industrial textiles: large weaving widths up to 655 cm, reinforced construction, beat-up force up to 15,000 N/m.

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