3D technology at its culminating point


For the past 18 months, Lectra has been running an earlyadopter program to monitor this radical new way of working with a targeted group of approximately 40 fashion companies in seven countries. The goal was to implement and validate, from proof of concept to production, 3D technology throughout the complete collection development process with multidisciplinary teams from design to product development to subcontractors and producers. The program included a cross section of different types of clothing, price points and markets ranging from luxury to ready-to-wear to technical sportswear, to children’s, women’s and men’s markets. Each project included one or more season’s worth of collections from the concept to production phase to ensure complete mastery of this new process and a robust solution.

Lectra’s 3D technology represents the culmination of several years of R&D development and close collaboration with early-adopter customers. The results are obvious in the solution’s improved usability.

«Five years ago in another role earlier in my career, I used Lectra’s 3D technology. The solution has come a long way and I am impressed by how quickly you can now work», says Nicolas Boucaud, Pattern-Maker at Christian Dior Homme Prêt-à-Porter. «Lectra quickly understood our process and was able to adapt to our needs. They took a real interest in the way we work, which I found very professional», says Patrice Marie-Alphonsine, Head of Pattern Development at Christian Dior Homme Prêt-à-Porter.

Lectra’s virtual fitting room has been developed to be as accurate as a live fit session and practical for both designers and pattern-makers. The ability to work with flat patterns and 3D simulations at the same time contributes to more accurate finished patterns, which preserve style and fit decisions made throughout the development process. «With the 3D solution we have managed to eliminate various prototyping phases.

Now all the departments involved in making a product can work closely together from the first simulation», explains Amedeo Iossa, Product Manager at the Italian sportswear company Macron.

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