Textile finishing: non-contact precision spray technology


Baldwin Technology launched the TexCoat G4 new generation finishing system at ITMA Barcelona in June. The extensive attention this non-contact precision spray system received during ITMA confirmed the opportunity it has to revolutionize the Textile Industry towards a more sustainable future. This innovative Precision Application Technology is the right answer to the Industry’s demand for a more sustainable production process: the system provides an exactly controlled amount of chemicals to the water ratio throughout the production run, resulting in no chemical diluition. It is also proven to downgrade the water and chemistry usage by up to 50%, leading to a shorter drying time and improved process control. At the same time, the TexCoat G4 allows for quality enhancement and a higher cost-efficiency, since it enables a continuously high quality and productive finishing process leading to improved profitability.

Operating equally successful on textiles, non-woven and technical textiles, the TexCoat G4 is able to process a wide range of low-viscosity water- based chemicals, such as water repellent, softener, anti-microbial and more. The system is completely sealed encapsulating the chemicals, for a healthy working environment and reduced waste at production changeovers. With multiple changes each day, hours of valuable production time can be saved every day.

Baldwin’s precision application technology’s timing to meet the market needs is excellent. The great interest in the TexCoat G4 and many generated leads during ITMA confirm that the company’s innovative approach and vast engineering investment pays off. For more information, click here.