In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, consumers are demanding eco-friendly products more than ever before. Business teams across different fast-moving Industries such as Fashion, Retail, home decor, consumer goods and others, are aiming to respond to these demands and contribute to a more circular economy.

This means that they must find ways to track a product’s lifecycle and identify areas of improvement in design, procurement and production processes, ultimately transforming them into more sustainable practices.

This is where PLM technology comes into play.

Tentree and Centric Software for the environment

Tentree, a sustainable Fashion brand known for its commitment to planting ten trees for every garment sold, has empowered its business with the market-leading PLM system. Arthur Kononuk, Creative Director of Tentree, states that Centric PLM helps them measure the impact of their production process and manage the manufacturers they work with: technology facilitates measurability.

From the raw materials used in factories to vendors’ labor practices to the recyclability of packaging, PLM makes it easy to track and manage compliance programs and vendor certification, ensuring peace of mind about ethical concerns in the supply chain as well as more transparency for consumers.

Companies that are committed to sustainable environmental, labor and financial practices are driving change across their industries, and the transparency and clarity PLM provides is an important resource for improving sustainability worldwide.

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