Baldwin introduces a new generation of contactless textile finishing technology at ITMA 2019: the TexCoat G4.

TexCoat G4: the details

One of the biggest challenges facing the textile finishing industry today is the environmental impact in terms of energy, chemicals and water consumption, with continuously increasing sustainability legislations and consumer demands to meet.

The TexCoat G4 utilizes a sustainable textile finishing spray technology, which results in no chemical dilution, since the system provides an exactly controlled amount of chemicals to the water ratio throughout the production run. It is proven to downgrade the water and chemistry usage by up to 50%, leading to a shorter drying time and improved process control.

Operating equally successful on textiles, non-woven and technical textiles, the TexCoat G4 is able to process a wide range of low-viscosity water- based chemicals, such as water repellent, softener, anti-microbial and more.
The system is completely sealed encapsulating the chemicals, for a healthy working environment and reduced waste at production changeovers.

TexMoister G2

With multiple changes each day, hours of valuable production time can be saved every day. Baldwin will also showcase the TexMoister G2 at ITMA, a low maintenance moisture applicator in a compact design. Dedicated to Textile, the TexMoister is able to apply a precise amount of water to the fabric.

The TexMoister G2 and TexCoat G4 will be showcased for the first time at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. Baldwin Technology will exhibit in Booth A204, Hall H2.