Obem, with the Experience of more than 70 years in producing specialized Steaming and Dyeing Machinery, in the last 30 years has developed a strong expertise in producing all kind of Fully Robotized Plants that have been installed all over the textile world.

Up to now the company has produced more than 50 Fully Robotized Plants, of which at least 40 are Dyeing Plants, and sold Fully Robotized Dyeing plants in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, USA, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Romania, India and 9 in China.

Obem’s Robotized Plants, that are conceived for working with only 1 or 2 operators, have been installed in Dye houses for processing textile materials of various type and various forms like Acrylic or Polyester Tow, Nylon Flock, Packages of various textile fibers, Loose Fibers, and Hank with spray system or Cabinet machines.

Since the least known of its Fully Robotized Dyeing Plant are the ones for hank, the company decided to exhibit at ITMA 2019 the Fully Robotized Dyeing Plant for Hank, called TMB Spray Dyeing System. As it is not possible to show in stand the full Robotized plant, there is going to be only the heart of the TMB System automation: the RoboShuttle together with a Loading/Unloading interface for the operator and a dyed Hank storage. The RoboShuttle is programmed for performing the automatic movements as in an industrial plant.

The most obvious advantage of fully robotized dyeing plants is to reduce the cost of the labor, but they allow to indirectly obtain many other advantages. Obem produces all the robotized dyeing machinery, robotized equipment and software in its Biella (Italy) factory; worldwide customers are serviced from Obem’s offices, with Real Time Remote Assistance through Internet, for any kind of issue related to dyeing machinery or automation robots.