Battistella B.G.: sustainability in the ironing sector


Battistella B.G. S.r.l., with more than 40 years of experience, is today an important reality in the ironing sector.

The main feature of Battistella products is the “Made in Italy”: every machine is assembled with only Italian components. Furthermore, the company constantly works on the innovation of its products in order to compete in a sector where the “sustainable” factor and the energy-saving are of main importance.

Regarding the energy-saving, one of the main novelties of the moment is the non-heated rectangular vacuum ironing board Helio in which the consumption has been decreased by approximately 50%. This machine is provided with a 6 lt. automatic boiler, 0,75 Hp vacuum motor, pump and electronic card.
The ironing board is available is two sizes, 125×80 cm or 170×80 cm (maxi version) and upon request it can be also tilted. The board is suitable also for 2 irons and many accessories can be added, for example: ironing arm, air vent chimney, air deviation on ironing arm and different brush and gun kit.

Since two years all the Battistella ironing tables are sold with the “Eos” iron. Eos irons belong to the production of Battistella brand and are available in different models.