The innovation and research never stop at bierrebi, which is proud to have among its projects, the only cutting system in the world that does not need suction: Crystal.

This innovative single ply cutting machine is able to guarantee a higher than average manufacturing efficiency, greatly reducing operation costs.

In addition, the cutting process is performed by a revolutionary patented rounded double blade system, which separates the material through pressure, without forcing the fibers or pulling the fabric threads: in this way it is possible to obtain a very precise and accurate cut. The cutting area has a special glass surface, which offers less wear and greater flatness than other conveyors.

Crystal: new features

Through a continuous development that the company has always carried out for its cutting systems, now Crystal is available with two innovative features:

  • VISION, a special hardware and software for image management and pattern matching placements (stripes & checks, prints, etc.), with a high-resolution camera that captures the fabric texture and a last-generation software creates the best placement, which is quickly converted to a cutting file;
  • SLIDE AWAY, a new configuration that moves and unloads the cut pieces from the cutting area so the machine keeps working continuously while an operator collects the material just cut.