Sanfor Line Supports Klopman’s Productivity

Brueckner, Bruckner

Brueckner, BrucknerKlopman International is European leader for the production of Workwear and Protectivewear fabrics since 1968. The company’s manufacturing site, based in Frosinone – Italy, produces at the highest quality level and at the beginning of this year has developed together with German textile machinery producer Brückner of Leonberg a new concept for the sanforizing of a wide range of  fabrics such as  pure cotton flame retardant treated, aramid and modacrylic based fibers, as well as polyester blends, also containing elastan. Klopman operates in a high demanding market with regards to shrinkage performances and the new sanforizing machine has allowed the company to achieve important improvements both in terms of quality of the products and production process performances.

The Brückner Sanfor Line, which was launched  successfully,  is currently working to the full  satisfaction of customers’ expectations. The particular feature of this line is represented by   the two consecutive rubber-belt shrinking machines placed in front of the felt calender, linked  with a perfect tension and shrinking control system held along the line. The first rubber-belt provides a first softening effect and a first shrinkage. The fabric arrives to the second rubber-belt with a perfect humidity factor and in the best conditions to become extremely compacted without antiaesthetic roughness. The optimal tension control and the monitoring of the shrinkage within the various steps of the process line, are necessary to assure the consistency of the final result.

Comparative tests showed that two consecutively in-line arranged shrinking machines have clearly achieved better shrinking values otherwise difficult to reach also with a double passage on a traditional machine. Thanks to the new Brückner line, Klopman can provide customers with even higher performing quality products with excellent residual shrinkage obtaining also a softer and more confortable fabric. The machine can process a wide range of weights from 150 to 700 g/m² with speed up to 100 m/min. and the line allows also the possibility to bypass one of the rubber-belt shrinking machines making this plant extremely flexible and usable for any type of fabric.