PS-800 Series is Juki’s computer controlled Pattern Seamer and in 2 sewing area sizes. The machine has dry head technology but also allows for max sewing speed of 3000 sti/min. This pattern seamer has the ability to add an optional material cutter.

Space-saving PS-800-8045, 6045-The PS-800-8045, 6045 can be installed in a space-saving manner. Not only the parts department but also sewing lines can be used. (The table size of PS-800-8045 width is 1,200 mm widths, the same as 1-needle lockstitch machine. The PS-800-6045 table size is 1,560 mm widths.)

Sewing patterns are automatically identified by means of RFID/ Barcode reader to enable automatic reading of sewing data and automatically call up the relevant sewing program, thereby starting sewing quickly.

Operation panel: the sewing pattern data format are supports DXF, AI, PLT, and DST. As many as 999 sewing patterns can be saved on the large-capacity memory of the operation panel. (Editing software is included with the accessory.)

Oil stains are prevented, the machine head has adopted the advanced dry. Only the hook needs lubrication. The dry head is very effective when sewing materials on which oil stains are likely to spread such as those for down jackets

The cloth trimmer comes in two different knives and a laser.

  • Rotary knife
  • Laser cutter