Monna Lisa ML-64000 by Epson is built for high productivity without compromising the printing quality to meet the needs of an even more competitive and dynamic Textile market.

With its 64 PrecisionCore printheads, Monna Lisa ML-64000 reaches a maximum print speed of 779 sq metres per hour (600×600 dpi – 2 passes), ensuring at the same time top printing quality.

Therefore, Monna Lisa ML-64000 is the right solution for printing companies that need to print medium to large lot orders on different type of fabric with simple to complex designs at daily operation: with its high productivity and print quality, this printer can replace multiple printers with a single one.

A stable and high-quality print at high speed

Monna Lisa ML-64000 controls the ejection of the 64 PrecisionCore printhead in chip unit. In order to achieve high dot placement accuracy, it has also been adopted the function of correcting the ejecting dot position with resolution of several microns.

Combining the mechanical control that transports the fabric with high accuracy, it makes possible to produce stable and high-quality print at high speed. Moreover, Monna Lisa Evo Tre 64 is equipped with Nozzle Verification Technology that automatically detects missing nozzles.