PLM: an essential tool for brand, retailers and manifacturers

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Traditionally, brands and retailers have been the largest adopters of PLM systems; however, manufacturers who want to stay ahead of competition have to deal with the shifting consumer (and customer) expectations, retail digital transformation, more SKUs, shorter runs, faster sample turnarounds.
Also, for them PLM innovative technologies are now a must have to get the right product delivered on time, for the right price and at the right quality.

Providing a “single source of the truth” for all real-time product-related data and communications, PLM means no more time wasted in searching for the latest revision requests in scattered emails, PDFs and spreadsheets; it combats the challenges of factories head on with the ability to manage communications with clients and supply chains from concept to delivery in one platform.

It has become an essential tool to enable visibility into internal product development and to manage critical delivery timelines across customers and product types. PLM also offers great benefits for OEM/ODM manufacturers such as the agility to adapt to changes quickly, improve communications, enhance efficiency and productivity.