A unique solution for “stitch-free” technology is the 3-stations carousel series 514 and 515 by Macpi. The wide range of shapes allows versatile and flexible applications suitable for garment, footwear and accessories Industries.

The cooling station increases drastically the seam quality and its durability nevertheless the kind of products, from high-end Fashion to performing outdoor garments. A wide range of shapes available for all customers doesn’t limit the bonding process granting a top quality standard. It is easy to use thanks to an intuitive Touch Screen for parameter setting. The machines can be equipped, upon request, with a micrometric distance control device between the shapes which can be really useful for thicker fabrics as fleece and wool.

The different configurations of the 336

The seam sealing machines series 336 offer a wide range of application which is not limited only to the classic waterproof process. The combination of differential control on bottom roller with the electronic metering device grants a perfect taping even on very demanding solutions.

The 336 is offered in different configurations ranging from garments, footwear and bags/backpack. On all versions, starting from the well-known 336.59T model, Macpi offers an extended 3-years guarantee on heating elements since the unique design of the heating device will prevent the burning of heating element.

A very comprehensive Touch Screen allows the setting of all needed parameters granting to the operator to work in a very easy and safe environment.

The stitch-free technology is highly recommended for all technical garments, ranging from recreational outdoor activity to extreme sports and safety wear. This application is essential for all garments requiring maximum protection against wind and rain, while providing ultimate comfort and unlimited design freedom.