Durst is launching the new P5 TEX iSUB for sublimation printing.

iSUB stands for “inline sublimation” and represents the integrated inline fixation for direct printing on polyester fabrics. This unique feature eliminates individual work steps, resulting in a significant increase in quality and efficiency for the user.

New P5 TEX iSUB by Durst

The Durst P5 TEX iSUB is operated by only one operator, and the process acceleration also increases the customers’ ability to deliver. Whereby the P5 TEX iSUB is not limited to direct printing, but transfer papers can also be printed and further processed in the usual way.

Another feature of the P5 Text iSUB is its innovative contactless fusing. The iSUB contactless technology ensures excellent color consistency as well as extreme sharpness of detail in images and text; also blurring or bleeding of color is virtually eliminated. The Sublifix dye sublimation ink developed by Durst delivers vivid colors, even on difficult media such as blackback or backlit for light boxes or flags.

The maximum print speed is 383 m2/hour when the 330 cm print format is fully utilized, inspiring the efficient implementation of all these application examples. Access to two rolls via the Multiroll option makes changing materials much easier in practice. In addition, the Dualroll option allows two rolls with a width of 1.6 m to be printed.

Another feature of the Durst P5 TEX is the integrated finishing unit, which can be used to sew and stitch media.