Consumer buying habits have undergone a deep transformation, particularly in recent months. Thanks to the comfort and safety of keyboards and handsets, many consumers have opted for online shopping. The new normal we are experiencing has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, and many Fashion companies are revising their business strategy to focus on digital and social channels.

With the recent increase of the e-commerce, the marketing contents to manage increased too, and monitoring multiple collections and complex assortments is laborious. That’s why it is vital for marketing and e-commerce teams to remain informed of collection development and availability at all times and ensure an efficient go-to-market process.

Kubix Link by Lectra

With the implementation of Kubix Link PIM (Product Information Management) Lectra solution, Fashion companies can benefit of an intuitive and easy-to-use product information management system.

Developed to deliver the ultimate consumer experience, Kubix Link PIM collects an extensive amount of data and information to enable sales and marketing teams to convey compelling stories to end-consumers at every touch point in the shopping process.

Lectra strives to continuously reinvent the value chain so Fashion companies can become more profitable, sustainable and agile. Kubix Link PIM was created to help them take advantage of the digitalization potential, delivering the ultimate consumer experience.