Strategic advice and customized IT solutions: BeSight, established by Claudio Marenzi and Andrea Ruscica, offers the market the opportunity to make the supply chain more efficient and faster. The first platform called BeSight Now is ready to cover clothing manufacturing and distribution. Sopra Steria will take care of distribution and implementation of cloud platform based projects

Once upon a time, there was a market gap in the digitalization of the Italian Textile/Clothing/Fashion supply chain. We could break this supply chain approximately in three sections:

  • small and medium sized firms in upstream processes;
  • slightly larger firms in downstream processes, i.e. clothing manufacturing and distribution;
  • big brands of clothing manufacturing and direct selling to consumers, more knowledgeable of shop, inventory and store digital management systems. Often lacking a full control of the entire supply chain.

BeSight, an Italian company offering customized IT of small and medium sized businesses in the Textile/Fashion Industry, has bridged the gap. The company was established in 2019 by Claudio Marenzi (president and CEO Herno and past president Confindustria Moda) and Andrea Ruscica (Altea Federation). Since June 2020, they offer BeSight Now, a first IT platform: it is a full cloud-based solution servicing management processes in materials, products and the supply chain of the Fashion and Luxury Industry.

A modular, scalable, open and customizable app cloud

Gian Paolo Piscopo, CEO BeSight

«BeSight Now – states Gian Paolo Piscopo, CEO BeSight – is a modular, scalable, fully open cloud application, conceived to integrate into major enterprise departments. The system makes manufacturing and management processes more efficient, covering all order stages: from purchase order to raw material procurement, to clothing manufacturing to store delivery».

BeSight Now, mainly developed for garment manufacturers and verticalized groups that have to manage the production chain and sell clothing and accessories, will be entirely customizable to suit the size of an enterprise and its existing digitalization degree.

The aim is integration of the full supply chain from upstream to downstream

Up to now, most actions covered the final steps of the supply chain, that is sales and store management.
The challenge BeSight Now will face is the Clothing manufacturing Industry; in the years to come, it should involve upstream firms, i.e. weaving and spinning mills, fibre processing and procurement.

«We are open to any kind of business in these segments – adds Gian Paolo Piscopo – provided it is prepared to submit a pilot project to work on; integrating the supply chain is the only way to make it really efficient and offer the Textile/Clothing and Luxury Industry additional traceability and sustainability».