Juki accelerates on digital innovation by launching the new zig-zag sewing machine model LZ2290C. As with all models of the C-Series family, the new zig-zag is equipped with digital motors that allow immediate adjustment of the main parameters of the machine. Appropriately programmed, the machine is able to change the sewing parameters completely independently, adapting automatically to different fabrics and sewing conditions, even during sewing.


The LZ2290C is equipped with an electronic transport movement which allows to get the most suitable combination for the most difficult materials. The electronic tension automatically stabilizes the needle thread tension. The sensor for detecting the thickness of the fabric modifies the machine parameters as the thickness of the fabric varies, to obtain always smooth and perfect seams, without wrinkles and with regular stitches. With the possibility of storing 200 programs, the LZ2290C can be used for various applications as well as for custom embroidery production.

The advantages of digital technology applied to the sewing industry are many: dropping the setting times, adaptability of the machine to the most varied sewing conditions, uniformity of regulation on the whole production line, possibility of putting the machines on the network for the remote monitoring (Industry 4.0).