Large loading station for large items or to accommodate more operators to maximize the use of the machine. This accessory has the ability to operate with stationary belt. GI.EMME.PI offers the following items: cold loading station size 1.925 mm, loading station XL size 3.400 mm, cold loading station with 2 separate belts, cold loading station with 3 separate belts, cold loading station with 4 separate belts.

Cold loading stations


The heating zone is 1.150 mm. long and consists of low absorption anodized aluminum profiles. The machine is available with belts width. 1.000-1.200-1.400-1.600 mm.
The fusing press has the following features: full optional machine, high-quality bonding, touch screen 10″, energy saving system, cleaning system with pull-out sock for both the top and bottom belt, teflon scrapers, separate regulation of the heating areas, special heating elements with minimal energy waste, rapid temperature change, excellent quality of materials used for construction that require minimal maintenance, 100% Made in Italy.


It’s used in the Clothing and Outerwear Industry, and it can be made in version 1,2,3,4 lanes. Depending on the fusion parts, the tracks are built at the customer’s request (in terms of width and length) and they can work separated or matched. A great advantage is that the automatic stacker works only electrically.

GI.EMME.PI. manufactures the cold loading station, the fusing press and the automatic stacker following the customer’s needs.

Automatic Stacker