As last year’s pandemic has lead us towards new habits, Battistella B.G. S.r.l. has expanded the sanitizing range by introducing the IRIS sanitizing cabinet.

Equipped with a glass door, UV ozone lamp and active carbon filter to remove ozone at the end of the cycle, it allows to quickly sanitize clothes, caps, helmets and uncountable other items.
To prove its effectiveness in reducing microbial loads it has been tested with specific treatments and the result has shown an overall effectiveness of high-grade sanitization.

Besides being a cabinet that eliminates bacteria, allergens, smoke and other agents that cause bad odors it stands out on the market thanks to its innovative feature: customers can choose the color of the cabinet as they like. This means that IRIS can be placed almost anywhere and can match the surrounding environment.



Battistella B.G. S.r.l., with more than 40 years of experience, is today an important reality in the ironing and pressing sector.

The main feature of Battistella products is the “Made in Italy”: every machine is exclusively assembled with Italian components. Furthermore, the company constantly works on the innovation of its products in order to compete in a sector where the “sustainable” and “energy-saving” factors are of main importance.

Research is of the utmost importance for Battistella as it allows to meet the requirements and demands of the clients and of the market.