Macron, an international brand leader in the Sportswear industry based in Bologna, and RadiciGroup, an Italian manufacturer of a wide range of chemical intermediates and advanced textile solutions for various applications, recently announced their collaboration to produce green technical Sportswear.

The first outcome of this collaboration is a type of sports socks made of Renycle®, a yarn manufactured by the Bergamo-based group from recycled nylon 6, a high-value material with excellent resistance, dyeing characteristics, softness and versatility.

At RadiciGroup, production scraps are recovered, recycled and reconverted into polymers, and eventually spun into yarn featuring technical features comparable to the yarn made of fossil-source materials, but boasting decidedly better environmental performance.
The above-mentioned new yarn range reduces CO2 emissions by almost 90% and generates energy savings of more than 87% and water savings of 90%.

Macron and RadiciGroup, a long lasting partnership

Macron and RadiciGroup have long since embarked on a green path engaging their entire production chain by launching initiatives and promoting solutions aimed at protecting the environment, while at the same time making targeted investments in sustainable innovation.

RadiciGroup is a valuable partner in the green path undertaken by Macron. A shared vision and strategy on sustainability and environmental protection are essential.

Macron’s objective is to create advanced technical sportswear for athletes of all levels, and our mission is to study and develop materials that are more and more eco-friendly. Finding companies like RadiciGroup – with whom we share values such as sustainability, recycling, use of renewable sources, corporate welfare and care for local communities – allows us to enhance our product offering and gain market acceptance by people who play sports at all levels. We hope our partnership will continue to develop over time.Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron

A circular economy cannot be achieved by acting alone. We have always tried to share our knowledge of materials and deliver solutions featuring both better performance and respect for the environment.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to find customers who are equally sensitive to these issues and become strategic partners in developing innovative and sustainable solutions. With Macron, we have worked as a team to create winning sports socks because they are made from recycled materials, using all-Italian technologies, and result from a zero-kilometre, measured and traceable production and supply chain.Angelo Radici, President of RadiciGroup