IMA: automatic cutting machine with ETHERCAT communication protocol


Tempest Plus 30 by IMA SpA is the new automatic cutting machine for lays up to 30 mm compressed according to the type of fabric to cut; it is structurally designed to achieve the highest level of performance and to reduce downtime during processing with high dynamic performances.

The software of the machine is installed on a PC on board, increasing its efficiency and productivity, thanks to intuitive and flexible applications.
Available as standard is the possibility of storing an unlimited number of cutting profiles to be load if necessary.

Tempest Plus 30 is integrable for Industry 4.0 and IMA Syncro Cutting Room System. The innovative management of the vacuum system guarantees a reduction in consumption with the same performance.

Tempest Plus 30 by IMA: ETHERCAT communication protocol

The digital technology, totally based on the ETHERCAT communication protocol, allows to check the status of the machinery in real time, with self-diagnosis functions and automatic options for adjusting the performance based on the type of work in progress.

Among the most important innovations we find gantry management of the bridge movement, management of differentiated pressure of the utilities most involved in the cutting process, touch screen placed on the bridge to allow the operator greater ease of intervention.

Tempest Plus 30 being equipped with an inverter on all the utilities, an eco-friendly management of each motorization is ensured.