ETV Elettronica Tessile Varese supplies products and consulting to help to obtain a considerable reduction of the manufacturing costs, keeping high quality standards, and wants to help the companies that are restarting their activities after this major crisis.

Therefore – during the process of yarn preparation, and warping for the production of garment, furniture, and household linen – ETV controls with its devices (also in automatic) the values of the residual moisture with HygroFaster or Hygromatic, it monitors the stretching of the yarns with MicroCS, and the yarn breaks with Optical Yarn.

Sfera Pus by ETV

The company’s complete system Sfera Plus is indicated for finishing process, especially during drying and thermofixing process of the fabrics, and it allows the automatic adjustment of the machine through the main measurement working parameters (residual moisture control over the fabric, temperature control of the fabric, control of the absolute air humidity).

The same advantages with this system are suitable also during the production of Sportswear and Swimwear, where the control of permanence time during the thermofixing process is crucial to grant the elastic properties of the elastane.

The system Sfera Plus is also indicated to control in line the dwell time during the production of the technical articles in the most different sectors (Automotive, Geotextile, Building, Environmental & Hydric, Agricultural, etc.).