S.E.I.A. S.r.l. is the official distributor for Italy of Kuris Gmbh’s products. It works in the sector of cutting technology for several materials, like fabrics, technical materials and leather.

The company’s know-how guarantees high productivity and flexibility for any material, no assistance costs, rapidity and competence for made-to-measure production lines and solutions.

All Seia’s Texcut models meets high level requirements:

excellent cut quality also for notches and difficult contours or hard materials through the automatic control of knife torsion (Smart Knife);
– high cut velocity that guarantees a high and effective result also when a single layer is cut;
– low consumptions thanks to a low energy consumption turbine (Vacuum Regulation);
– very easy operations thanks to a user guide directly on the pc;
– standard and simple maintenance components;
– simplified software assistance and remote control via modem (standard);
– technical data record extension and individual evaluation from the user;
– fast and easy change of knife and cutting head thanks to a patented service position;
– automatic parallelism check – avoids subsequent manual alignment of layer package;
– automatic checking of the cutting window limits – avoids unnecessary cuts and waste of material due to incorrect operations.