Fashion on demand: customization from product development to the final cutting phase


The future of Fashion is increasingly linked to customization.
On-demand production is a business model with limited financial risk and it has many advantages for companies: it allows to adapt the offer exactly to the demand by producing precise quantities, avoiding stockpiles or having to resort to price reductions.

To respond to new market trends and help Fashion companies to meet new challenges, Lectra has developed the Fashion on demand solution. The result of the research of more than one hundred experts during the last 4 years, stems from the principles of the Industry 4.0 and it automates the entire process of customization, from product development to the final cutting phase.

With Fashion on demand by Lectra, companies can define their own supply chain according to the production process required: made to measure or customization. The production cycle can start immediately, without interfering with the usual workflows.

The transformation has already begun; today Fashion companies can take advantage of a complete personalization solution, with which to work under the same conditions as the ready-to-wear fashion and obtain equivalent or better results. Fashion On Demand by Lectra is designed to favour innovation, personalization, excellence and sustainability.