FKgroup, specialized in Cutting Room Automation, has been able to cope with the changes of this difficult period by investing heavily in its production plants for the construction of machinery intended for the supply of PPE (masks, gowns, boots …).

Thus, the Galeno line was launched specifically for the medical sector, consisting of a CAD System, an Automatic Spreading Machine suitable for all types of TNT (non-textile materials) and an Automatic Conveyor Cutter with a 6cm cutting head.

Galeno Line, technical details

The Galeno series is able to support the acceleration of work cycles in terms of speed and productivity, using a set of technological features and innovative materials, achieving a high cutting performance: it is in fact possible to produce up to 25,000 masks / hour or 1000 overalls/ hour.

In particular, the characteristics related to blade lubrication with bleach and ISO 5011 certified air filtering system, have been communicated to the World Health Organization because they allow to obtain an aseptic product in the cutting phase. The desire to promote environmental values has in recent years favoured the development of new techniques capable of reducing electricity consumption and CO₂ emissions.