The remoistening system TexMoister G2 from Baldwin Technology secures an exact moist amount to hit the fabric with even distribution and optimal coverage. The moist volume is set via automated application control, based on the fabric’s characteristics, wet pick-up ratio and production conditions. The system is virtually maintenance-free, thanks to a robust design with few moving parts – a superior feature optimizing uptime and productivity. With its slim and compact design, the TexMoister G2 is easily installed and retrofitted to any existing machine.

Case histories

An example of the TexMoister G2’s proven efficiency is to be found at the Italian high-quality worsted manufacturer Reda, where it replaced an old and outdated remoistening system in a decatizing process.
The TexMoister G2 instantly enabled reduced maintenance costs and time, significantly faster start-up and enhanced remoistening quality, resulting in increased productivity. Imcotex is the Baldwin Technology dealer for Northern Italy.

Yet another example is the Portuguese market-leading dyeing and finishing company that decided to install a TexMoister G2 for end of line remoistening. In less than three months, the remoistening system exceeded all expectations in productivity, sustainability and quality. As a result, the same customer has now ordered two additional TexMoister G2 systems from Baldwin Technology.