Last December, EURATEX, the European association of textile manufacturers anticipated to Calleja Crespo, Director-General of the European Commission DG Environment, some preliminary proposals for a new Circular Economy Action Plan for the Textile value chains to ensure sustainable resource use and tackle urgent environment, social and economic challenges.

The EURATEX strategy, Prospering in the Circular Economy 2019, elaborates on 12 key points, 6 conditions and 38 specific proposals under 9 actions. The plan is the result of extensive, bottom-up consultation with EURATEX members, national and sector associations and more than 100 European companies and other stakeholders.

Furthermore, EURATEX anticipated voluntary commitments subscribed by 41 companies’ CEOs who welcome the ambitious goals of the EU Institutions to tackle urgent challenges, show insights of actions already undertaken to bring circularity in textiles, commit to keeping pursuing sustainable resource use, and collaborate.

Paccanelli’s comment

The EURATEX President, Alberto Paccanelli, stressed that «EURATEX is proud to share its unique knowledge on textiles manufacturing, the lessons learned across the European value chain and its engagement. We look forward to being part of a broader collaboration between businesses, society and authorities and which, coordinated by the European Commission, can build up a breakthrough policy for circularity and let Europe lead the way in an urgently needed transformation».