Mimaki: a complete provider for digital printing

Digital printing examples

Mimaki is going to show at ITMA 2019 a complete, end-to-end digital textile and apparel printing ecosystem for digital printing composed of fabrics pre-treatment and finishing systems, printing, inks supply, technical assistance and training activities

Hirokazu Hayashi, CEO of Mimaki Bompan Textile

Mimaki Bompan Textile has been operating since the first months of 2018. The company was founded to create a Mimaki centre for digital printing and to serve as a single provider in the digital printing sector, also thanks to a new showroom and demo centre in Tradate (Varese province). Regarding sales, Mimaki Bompan Textile focuses on the Italian market and deals with promotion and sales of digital printing solutions, in addition to assistance and specialized support services.

Different solutions, same quality

In this way, Mimaki offers a complete digital textile printing ecosystem, including pre and post-treatment printing solutions. The possibility of acquiring a complete system from a single supplier makes it easier for new businesses to enter the digital textile and apparel printing market; it also encourages existing textile and apparel businesses to complement conventional textile printing processes with digital printing.

Mimaki Bompan Textile deals promotes and sells digital printing solutions, in addition to assistance and specialized support services

Mimaki’s printing process array is increasing and shows about ten models, among which Tiger-1800B MkII is one of the high points. As a risult of La Meccanica’s acquisition and of a deep Research and Development work, Tiger represents an industrial solution dedicated to medium and large scale production. In addition, there are TS (Textile Sublimation) series models, dedicated to sublimation printing, and TX series models, developed for direct printing on fabric. Thanks to these solutions Mimaki can cover different market segments of textile printing, from entry level to industrial production.

Mimaki Bompan Textile’s showroom in Tradate (VA) presents the new products and solutions developed by Mimaki, such as the new version of Tiger printer, Tiger-1800B MkII

A complete and single provider

As a total solution provider, Mimaki completes its technological offer with an assistance department that helps the client in every step. The after sales service has a dedicated team of technicians from Mimaki and Mimaki La Meccanica, and the showroom in Tradate hosts many informative and training activities which concern technological themes – as Mimaki’s printing system optimisation and utilization or increase of production performances – but also strategic matters, in order to inspire customers and push them to enter new markets and increase business.

Mimaki’s solution for the digital textile sector addresses several targets: from textile printing houses to providers of large-sized prints

The new website, recently launched, is designed to provide visitors and clients with information about Mimaki solutions, with the possibility to download data sheets of single products, systems and inks.

A running printer

Mimaki’s in-house inks production as well has the purpose of representing a complete and single provider. The showroom and demo centre located in Tradate is ready to host every textile operator interested in seeing and testing Mimaki machines. The wide and complete array of solution covers the whole digital textile printing sector, such as clothing, furniture, sportswear e soft signage, addressing several targets: from textile printing houses to providers of large-sized prints.

Mimaki at ITMA

Mimaki will exhibit at ITMA as Mimaki Europe to demonstrate a complete, end-to-end digital textile and apparel printing ecosystem. The stand will show the digital printing service with all the components needed for the printing process, including fabrics’ pre-treatment systems, digital printing and post-printing systems, such as washing and steaming treatment. Mimaki’s pre-treatment unit TR300-1850C brings the pre-treatment in-house, reducing costs, shortening production cycles and gaining increased control over the entire process. The new production machine Tiger-1800B MkII will be shown in its version to print directly on fabric.

Mimaki Bompan Textile offers a complete digital textile and apparel printing ecosystem for digital printing

The second generation of Tiger series combines Mimaki’s electronic know-how and La Meccanica’s advanced printing technology. With its highly stable and durable performances, precise mat and efficient washing, Tiger-1800B MkII integrates the core technologies developed by Mimaki: MAPS (Mimaki Advance Pass System) minimizes banding colour shifting thanks to a single algorithm determining the best way to place ink’s drop at each step; NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) restores clogged nozzles with new ones, thus enabling a continuous high quality printing; MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) reduces ink leaks and prevents the settling of pigment particles by circulating the ink at regular intervals within the printer, achieving stable ink delivery. Besides, the automatic feed correction maintains a stable print quality, because feed correction is automatically set after each feed, resulting the high-definition printing without manual feed correction by the user every time the printing conditions change.

TR300-1850S and Mimaki TR600-1850SS Steamer are solutions for steaming of the printed fabric required to fix the ink on it. The Mimaki TR600-1850W Washer is used in the washing step, to remove leftover ink and treatment agent from the fabric and to make it ready for the next steps in manufacturing and/or distribution.

The sublimation printer TS55-1800 is designed for users demanding productivity at high quality on high speed and can be utilized with a plotter roll for small runs or with a mini jumbo roll for long runs. The machine can print on high resolution (480×600 DPI) with a higher ink density using one-pass printing at 140 mq/h. Thanks to Mimaki’s Nozzle Check Unit and the Nozzle Recovery System, it runs continually. The printer is also upgraded with TxLink4, the newest RIP software for the Textile industry that features new functionalities and improvements on usability. It is the ideal solution for interior fabrics, sports and fashion apparel, flags and tapestry.
To complete its digital textile and apparel printing ecosystem, Mimaki has launched Mimaki Job Controller software. It permits to verify the production process and to maintain quality stability: it optimizes production and reduces errors thanks to functions that ensure production conditions management, barcode scanning and visualization of production data-base.

Where to find Mimaki at ITMA 2019: Hall 3, Booth B110