A Closely Bound Connection with the Far East

Paolo Puntoni, marketing manager of Savio Macchine Tessili
Paolo Puntoni, marketing manager of Savio Macchine Tessili
Paolo Puntoni, marketing manager of Savio Macchine Tessili

Over 100 years of operation on the world market, manufacturing and selling automatic winders, two-for-one twisters and rotor spinning frames, with factories in Italy, China (Jining, Shandong) and India (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu). This is Savio Macchine Tessili, introduced by Paolo Puntoni, marketing manager.


«In 1911 – Mr Puntoni recalls – Marcello Savio established the firm as a small machine shop specialised in textile machine repair, mainly looms. In 1946, soon after the Second World War, the first machine was made, a Savio BS doubling frame. One year later, led by the Marcello’s son, Luciano Savio, the company took the domestic stage and began to conquer the international market. They developed the RSA automatic winder in 1963. In 1976 Savio became part of Eni; in 1993 the company was transferred to Gruppo Radici, now Itema. Finally, in 2011, the whole group was assigned Alpha, a private investment fund. At present the group includes, beside Savio Macchine Tessili, Pordenone, Loepfe Brother Ltd, Switzerland, a manufacturer of electronic control sensors, BMSVision, Belgium with manufacture monitoring systems (not only in the textile industry), Sedo Treepoint, Germany, expert of software and hardware optimization in the dyeing sector, Eutron, Italy with printed circuit boards (not only for the textile industry), and recently, since 2013, Mesdan Spa, Brescia (Italy) a world leader in the production of yarn splicing devices for textile machines and laboratories».


«Let’s talk about approximately 370 million Euro sales of the group in 2013 – the manager adds – of which 85% on the global market, mainly in Far East. Our group works with 242 agents in 107 countries (with a big client portfolio in the textile as well as in other industries); Savio (Pordenone) operates in 45 countries with 51 agents, offering service and spare parts: from North and South America to Africa, Europe, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and, last but not least, China, where we have been working since the ‘80s. Our 10 manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, as well as in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, India and China. We constantly track the market, paying attention to those markets that are re-organising the textile industry, say Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Belarus – both in terms of development of spinning mills and of new techniques. This is a joint mission of our marketing and R&D departments, aiming at strengthening our place on the market mostly in Far East, China and India, as well as in Turkey, the Maghreb region and South America, while extending our client service network».


«No doubt, the winder is our flagship product, covering 90% of our sales», Mr. Puntoni explains. «Actually the winding process is a sort of packaging stage that transfers the yarn from the hank to the bobbin, while removing all possible flaws. In fact, we process a large variety of yarns, intended to be processed in further weaving, knitting or dyeing stages. It means that we process yarns of all kinds (cotton, artificial, synthetic fibres, stretch yarns, ecc.) continuously studying new materials to meet the demand of the fashion industry. At present, after the takeover of Loepfe and Mesdan, Savio is the only company of the group holding all of the technologies (electronic splicer and yarn clearer), necessary to make top quality bobbins of any materials and yarns. Of our 450 staff in Pordenone, 70 people work in the R&D division, to which 5% of our sales is assigned every year. Our target is to tally with technology and push the development of our products to a growingly user friendly automation of machines. In fact, highly automated machines we used to sell in high labour cost countries, are now demanded in low labour cost countries, like the Far East region».


The new automatic winder Polar/E Premium by Savio
The new automatic winder Polar/E Premium by Savio

«Savio holds about 40% of the market for automatic textile winders – the marketing manager points out – and leads the segment. We hit the target thanks to our great flexibility in manufacture, that allowed us to meet the demand of the market, both in terms of volume and of mix, considering that our machines are customized, i.e. made on customer demand. The lumpy trend of orders involves production peaks and downturns during the year. Consequently, we made our manufacturing department more and more flexible, to be able to meet the market demand, so that they can respond with a short term planning. Thus, we were able to raise our production volume and sales, to withstand the 2009 world financial distress, while checking our flexibility and capacity so as to recover and close the balance with a positive result».


Showcasing in Shanghai

«A free standing winder that can process bobbins produced by ring frames not equipped with automated doffing device. Polar E/Premium reaches ITMA Asia after a road show in China and Turkey late 2013. It’s the latest technological gem by Savio Macchine Tessili Spa. A peak product in user friendly automation, with a bobbin loading capacity that can feed as many as 72 winding heads. At the exhibition in Shanghai we shall also show the Orion Super M winder, already a success on the Chinese market, able to meet the demand for high productivity and yarn quality, as well as energy efficiency and low maintenance costs».