A Complete Line of Rewinders


Fadis - Sincro Multipla Airjet  Rfm SwFadis was founded in 1960 and it specialises in the manufacture of a complete line of rewinders, soft winders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling machines and intermingling machines, which are meant to process all types of yarns such as cotton, wool, silk, artificial fibres, synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, intermingled yarns, fancy yarns.

The constructional design concept called “open platform” finds its greatest expression in the Sincro Multipla machine and in its various possible functions.

It is a “multi-function” machine, which can respond to 7 different production processes as: Soft Winding, Rewinding, Assembly Winding, FAPP™ Preparation, Intermingling, Air intermingling machine for elastomeric yarns and Air intermingling machine from fapp™/muff/hanks/bobbins with elastomeric yarns.

The top version of Multipla machine model features the possibility not only to intermingle with elastomeric yarn text PA and PES yarn but also to apply an electronic motorised unwinding device with “à la déroulé” system in order to be able to unwind and intermingle in one single step dyed elastic PA yarns.

The computerised digital terminal located in the drive allows to electronically control and vary the draw/unwinding ratio in addition to all other standard Sincro parameters. This version of the “Sincro” line with its high level of technology will satisfy the most sophisticated production requirements and guarantee the formation of packages with perfectly stabilised yarn and excellent uniformity of both tension and intermingling.