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Diesel Developed a New Type of Denim with Dryarn

Diesel, the Italian apparel brand, worldwide known for its innovation high rate in clothes, through its R&D laboratory has designed a new denim by replacing cotton with Dryarn by borrowing this special fiber…


U.S. launches new innovation institute in fibres and textile manufacturing

At the beginning of April the US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that a leading consortium of 89 manufacturers, universities, and non-profits organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will spearhead…


Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool Excellence Award 2015

The Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool Excellence Award 2015‘s ceremony was held last October 14th, during a gala function in Sydney. This year’s winner, coming from one of the major wool production areas, was…

Loris Bellini

Loris Bellini

New Pulsar Yarn Dyeing Machine: the New Era of Yarn Dyeing

The new Pulsar yarn dyeing machine for packages, which is covered by an international patent, is an innovation Loris Bellini officially introduced to the market during Itma Asia exhibition in Shanghai in 2014….


Brazil Will Host the World Cotton Research Conference 2016

One of the world’s most important events on cotton research will take place in Brazil, on May 2 – 6, 2016. The city of Goiânia will host the World Cotton Research Conference (WCRC-6),…

Tecnomeccanica Biellese

Expertise in fibre preparation

Specialized in planning and construction of machines and complete plants for the preparation of textile fibres for spinning since 1968, Tecnomeccanica Biellese gained vast experience in all sectors where staple fibres are processed…


Fully Robotized Dyeing Plants

Obem was established in 1946 at Biella, a territory with a high concentration of textile companies producing top quality yarns, fabrics and garments, where it grew up producing textile machinery mainly for steam…


Raw material price index

According to the International Monetary Fund Database, the cotton price index has plunged 60% in August 2013, from a record in March 2011, but registered a stabilisation since April 2013. Besides, the wool…


The most recycled material

PET is the largest plastic material recycled in Europe, with the equivalent of more than 60 billion bottles recycled in 2012. Petcore Europe Chairman Roberto Bertaggia said: «Despite the poor economic situation in the…


Loro Piana invests in fibres

Italian luxury company Loro Piana expects double-digit sales growth to continue in 2013 as it expands its niche in the ultra-luxury sector. The Italian manufacturer has also recently acquired a 60% share in Sanin…

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