Diesel Developed a New Type of Denim with Dryarn


denimDiesel, the Italian apparel brand, worldwide known for its innovation high rate in clothes, through its R&D laboratory has designed a new denim by replacing cotton with Dryarn by borrowing this special fiber from the sports world. The model name is TEPPHAR 671X.

Externally the jeans are the same as all others, but thanks to the presence of Dryarn in contact with the skin, when worn it turns out to be lighter and more breathable. Dryarn, in fact, is the lightest microfiber in the world. Moreover, the fiber is highly breathable and insulating, for transversal use throughout the season. By inserting Dryarn into the denim fabric, trousers have better thermal insulation and improved sweat management. Sweating is carried out faster outside leaving the skin dry, no moisture concentration is created due to sweat stains and once the fabric is reached the sweat evaporates quickly by wiping it more effectively. The lightness of the fabric is not at the expense of its insulating power, but DRYARN® is able to give a greater thermal insulation to a cooler summer and more insulating denim in winter. Dryarn is also water-repellent and gives the fabric an interesting stain-resistant property, which is appreciated for casual and easy care.