Loris Bellini

New Pulsar Yarn Dyeing Machine: the New Era of Yarn Dyeing

Loris Bellini

Loris BelliniThe new Pulsar yarn dyeing machine for packages, which is covered by an international patent, is an innovation Loris Bellini officially introduced to the market during Itma Asia exhibition in Shanghai in 2014. In fact, it was about  4 years ago when the company’s R&D team had the main prerogative to work on a new concept that had to combine extraordinary dyeing quality with a dramatic cut of consumptions and running costs. Resulting from intensive laboratory and industrial-scale testing activities, the new Pulsar Yarn Dyeing System is a radical and effective step forward over the ordinary technology. The low ∆E readings Inside-Outside the packages will make the users believe in the “Right-first-time” concept. By comparing new Pulsar machine to Loris Bellini standard technology, which is already much appreciated by the market for its very low consumption figures, we come up with the following numbers:

  • Over 70% savings of electric energy.
  • Very low 1:4 liquor ratio for most fibres.
  • 20 to 30% savings of water, chemicals and steam.

Loris Bellini’s Pulsar machine will have an official European presentation during upcoming Itma Milan 2015 (Hall H14, stand G104).