A Brand New Website to Explain Wool to American Consumers

Source: American wool Website
Source: American wool Website

With versatility matched only by the diversity of the wearer, wool is perfect for any season, any occasion. With that in mind, the American Sheep Industry Association and its American Wool Council have launched a multi-faceted campaign to take wool’s story straight to the consumer, including a new Website at www.americanwool.org.

A new American Wool logo was launched in 2016 to kick off renewed promotional efforts. The Website will work in conjunction with a variety of social media sites to tell American wool’s narrative in a multi-media fashion that includes stories, photos and video.

«What we found is that consumers are not aware that wool is a high-performance fibre,» said ASI Director of Wool Marketing Rita Kourlis Samuelson. «A lot of consumers don’t understand how modern-day wool differs from grandma’s scratchy, old sweater. We saw a need to educate the consumer about American wool, and the new Website is the best way to reach an audience that is ready to embrace products made with natural fibres such as American wool».

Consumers can learn about the high-performance traits of American wool, such as temperature control, moisture wicking and protecting, breathability, and thermal comfort, on an in-depth basis. «American wool provides natural protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, is anti-allergen, flame resistant and odour resistant», says the American Sheep Industry Association.

«It is nature’s magic fibre, and AmericanWool.org will help those in search of such benefits find the perfect fit. A shopping section will link consumers with companies offering American wool products ranging from clothing to blankets. Whether you’re in need of that perfect hiking sock, a winter coat or a blanket for use around the campfire, AmericanWool.org has you covered».