Brazil Will Host the World Cotton Research Conference 2016



One of the world’s most important events on cotton research will take place in Brazil, on May 2 – 6, 2016. The city of Goiânia will host the World Cotton Research Conference (WCRC-6), which will bring together cotton researchers and specialists from around the world. The event will be a great opportunity for researchers to present the results of their work, expand and strengthen their professional contact network and learn about the most important research done in the world.
The WCRC-6 will be a joint event with the International Cotton Researchers Association (ICRA), an entity that represents cotton researchers throughout the world. These investigators will bring their vast experience in the field, accumulated after five conferences held in different countries. The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) will participate in the organization and will provide financial support.
The event program includes conferences and panels with results from several studies on cotton, performed in different countries. The conference will also count on the participation of specialists in different fields, such as plant breeding, biotechnology, planting systems and pest management, among many other areas. The lectures given during the event will touch upon topics that are key to the advancement of cotton producing technology. On the World Cotton Research Conference website it is possible to suggest topics for the panels and for the conferences clicking on the Pre-Registration and Suggestions for Themes menu.