The alternative Italian way for the digital printing technology

Aleph LaForte®Paper has a production capacity of 540 sqm/h for a maximum speed of 920 sqm/h with 1850-3200mm width in 4, 6 and 8 colors. Furthermore, the machine reaches a feeding precision below…


The expertise in producing fully robotized dyeing plants

Obem SpA was established in 1946 at Biella, an important textile district located in Northern Italy. Biella has an high concentration of textile companies producing top quality yarns, fabrics and garments and here…

A high-efficiency, electronic crochet knitting machine for a lot of application areas

Within the wide range of crochet and warp knitting machines of Comez International, specialized in this sector and member of the Swiss Jakob Müller group, Acotronic 8B/600 is a high-efficiency, electronic crochet knitting…


A new concept of compact and efficient double-sided spooling machine

Fadis was founded in 1960 with the purpose of manufacturing textile machines such as rewinders, soft winders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling machines and intermingling machines, which are meant…

Expert at drawing your fibres to perfection

For more than 40 years, Retech has been developing and producing components and installations for processing of synthetic filaments mainly in the field of thermal and mechanical treatment in order to create added…



Guaranteed Blending Accuracy

When it comes to tuft blending with T-Blend, Trützschler relies on blending accuracy and reproducibility. The self-monitoring system convinces with flexible application when blending natural and man-made fibers of different lengths, finenesses and…



Efficient, Cost-Effective and Sustainable Choices

The machines designed and manufactured by Biancalani, since 1957, are always the first choice for all those textile entrepreneurs seeking to improve their product quality and decide to do so efficiently, cost-effectively and…


Increase the Dyehouse Productivity

Dos&Dye® is a completely automatic system composed by a Dosorama dispensing machine and a Dyrama robotized dyeing machine able to work autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Conceived and manufactured…

Rieter acquires the SSM Textile Machinery Division from Schweiter

On June 30, 2017, Rieter acquired the SSM Textile Machinery Division (SSM) from Schweiter Technologies AG, Horgen (Switzerland).



2.5-Millionth Autoconer Winding Unit in Operation

The 2.5-millionth Autoconer winding unit was put into operation in 2017. The history of the Autoconer is characterised by a long list of ground-breaking inventions that have always increased customer benefits.

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