With the long-term orientation of its measures to protect people and the environment, Amann, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sewing threads, embroidery threads and smart yarns, shows that sustainable and responsible action is deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.

Between 2015 and 2018, Amann significantly reduced its consumption of resources: electricity consumption worldwide got reduced by 29% (per kg produced). At the same time, CO2 emissions got reduced by 29% (per kg produced) and water consumption by 27% (per kg produced).

Amann and the United Nations Global Compact

Amann has made a conscious decision to enter into the UN Global Compact. The German Global Compact Network describes the United Nations Global Compact as «the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance. Based on 10 universal principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, it pursues the vision of an inclusive and sustainable global economy for the benefit of all people, communities and markets – today and in the future».

Amann considers the ten principles of the UN Global Compact to be the basis for social and ecological economic activity worldwide. Based on the UN Global Compact, AMANN has now published its first Sustainability Report. The report demonstrates, which measures Amann is already taking for people and the environment and how the company is positioning itself for the future in terms of sustainability.

Amann’s investments in a sustainable production

In recent years, Amann has already invested 1.5 million euros in measures to reduce the use of resources. In order to also achieve the ambitious long-term sustainability goals, Amann will invest a further 6 million euros by 2023.

Amann’s holistic corporate sustainability strategy emphasizes the company’s role as a pioneer and thought leader in the Textile Industry. Further information as well as the complete Sustainability Report of the Amann Group can be read here.