Stäubli unveiled the TIEPRO tying machine in 2019. In the short time since then, this machine has become a standard workhorse in renowned weaving mills around the world.

Equipped with robotics, TIEPRO docks itself to the old and the new warp sheets; afterwards, the operator can simply confirm start-up by pushing the start button – and automatic warp tying begins. Thus, TIEPRO leaves staff more time to oversee the weaving hall or handle other tasks.

Before tying, and during the warp stretching on the tying frame, TIEPRO easily handles misalignments of up to 10 mm, ensuring precise and quick preparation. The machine incorporates a form of automatic Double End Detection (DED) as a standard feature, which detects double ends automatically before the warp yarn is cut.

Another standard feature is the Auto Reverse function, which works in conjunction with DED during the yarn separation process. Double ends caused e.g. by sticky yarns are detected by the sensor, immediately extracted, and separated. This process is done automatically within milliseconds and is virtually impossible to follow visually. It requires no operator intervention. Once done, the yarn separation process automatically restarts.