Mesdan: new semi-automatic tensile strength tester


Tenso-Lab 4 is the latest generation of the well-known Tenso-Lab tensile tester series by Mesdan. The new model is distinguished by:

  • new hardware: high sensibility and robustness (can be used to test both fibres and high tenacity fabrics), direct-drive ball bearing screw, low speed operation available, extended capacity to 5000N;
  • new components: improved load cells performances (higher accuracy level and new capacity load cell added), quick load cell & clamps/jaws exchange;
  • new open software: more intuitive and easy-to-operate, SQL database and standard Ethernet machine connection to data export, no restriction on testing routines (can be created by the enduser, no special skills needed).

Tenso-Lab 4 was displayed for the first time in June 2019 at ITMA exhibition in Barcelona.

ISO 17025 accreditation

MESDAN LAB becomes a Calibration Lab, accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, which is the worldwide dominant international standard for calibration and testing laboratories. This standard means that the company’s internal resources and its personnel demonstrated technical competences to produce reliable data, measurements and calibrations.

The accreditation entitles Mesdan to issue a Calibration Certificate (for the registered parameters/equipment), document that has legal force, equivalent to a document issued by a legal national metrological laboratory.

There are two kinds of ISO 17025 accreditations:

  • Calibration Laboratory (LAT) > Mesdan registered LAT n° 279T (Accredia – ILAC)
  • Testing Laboratory (CAB) > various testing houses

Why ISO 17025?

  • valuable tool to reduce product failure
  • to obtain more competitive measurement consistency
  • superior in case of quality disputes/ legal actions
  • declared uncertainty levels (CMC = Calibration and Measurement Capability).

For the time being Mesdan is accredited to issue Calibration Certificates for tensile strength testers (like Tenso-Lab series) and abrasion & piling testers (Martindale).