POD Iberia

The new MTEX Digital Textile printers


The MTEX 1800 is an exciting new direct-to-fabric sublimation printing solution with integrated fixation. This new affordable machine means signmakers and graphic display professionals can print and fix durable, colourfast textiles using one footprint in an all-in-one solution.

With a printing speed of up to 65 m2 per hour and resolutions up to 1440dpi, the MTEX 1800 saves time and money with little or no waste due to its direct to textile nature. No need to print onto paper and then transfer, this new MTEX 1800 is a true textile printer, designed specifically for the sign & display market and its main features include: 2 x Epson DX6 print heads; printing speed up to 65 m2; printing width up to 1800 mm; 1440 dpi maximum resolution; 2-liter ink bulk system; synchronized roll feeding system; integrated Infrared Fixation Unit; dye-base sublimation inks; electro-pneumatic device system.

The MTEX 500P which is specially adapted for polyamides, lycras and stretched fabrics, has a unique feeding system and an integrated horizontal dryer. The MTEX 500 C is for non-stretched fabrics. Both offer the possibility to print on a huge range of textiles including cotton, polyamides, silks and nylon, making the MTEX 500 one of the most versatile direct to textile printers in the world today. Its main features are: 6 x Ricoh G5 print heads; 80 m2 printing speed in quality mode (4 pass. / 600 x 600 dpi), maximum printing speed up to 120 m2; printing width up to 1800 mm; adhesive belt for knitted and woven fabrics; automatic Washing belt device; infrared drying system; 2-liter ink bulk system; synchronized roll feeding system.