At ITMA 2019 IMA S.p.A. (Booth E204 – Hall 3) will introduce cutting-edge technological machinery, and new solutions for large productions in the Cutting Room.
In order to meet the customer’s request for a highly productive technology, IMA S.p.A. will bring to ITMA fast and performing spreading machine together with the new automatic cutting machine IMA Typhoon model for 10cm compressed fabric: new generation machines, completely managed by digital technology that allows their integration into the IMA Syncro Cutting Room system.

The new IMA Mythos 892 spreader is equipped with 4 wheel drive wheels that ensure greater acceleration, speed and positioning accuracy; the new on-board PC user interface allows easy management of reports and an interconnection with company management systems. The turret is equipped with double belt and the handling of loading and unloading is carried out now through pneumatic pistons to minimize the loading and unloading time.

As far as Typhoon is concerned, this is the 4th generation IMA automatic cutter: a new cutting head with blade speed up to 6000 rpm, counter-rotating masses to minimize vibration, blade effort sensors to achieve high cutting quality, proportional valves for pneumatic cylinder control. The bridge is governed by an electric axis system, with two engines working in parallel, capable of self-regulating and greater precision in the machine. A completely new base structure with high strength structural elements and a new suction system with dual turbines ensure high performance; each single turbine is governed by a dedicated inverter that communicates in real time with each other through the PID control of the numeric control. A newer, more powerful, fully digital electronics provides greater computing power and immediacy in hardware response. Innovations also in the man-machine interface, with particular attention to ergonomics and ease of use. The adoption of a bridge control console has made it easier and faster to routine operations.