Serving Customers for Almost 60 Years!



BIANCALANI Airo24The fourth evolution of the popular AIRO 24, continuous tumbler in open width protected by several patents, is already well known and appreciated by manufacturers of fabrics and knitwear in all sectors and offers great performance with its air mechanical finishing for the treatment of a large range of textile products: from fabrics for clothing to furnishing, from home textiles to terry towels, technical textiles, protective clothing and workwear, imitation leather, polar fleece, ecc. In each of these sectors AIRO 24 guarantees performances that allow its users to become leaders in their field, while maintaining the positions and always gaining new market shares.
The new product of the company Biancalani of Prato is BRIO 24, a revolutionary machine that during drying allows shrinking and relaxation of knitted fabrics, in continuous and in free form. With the application of vibrations through a particular patented system it guarantees maximum natural shrinkage, never obtained before on the knitted fabric. The main advantage is that a garment made with knit fabric dried in BRIO 24, will not suffer any more shrinkage, so it will be easier the management and the washing. It is also obtained a significant reduction of spirality, defect well known by those who work the knitwear.
Biancalani serves textile customers by almost 60 years. The company is organized with an internal department of design, research and development, and still inside the structure are done the testing and the controls to check the proper operation of the new machines before delivery.
The same attention is given to the installation and operation of the machines sold, supplying both the proper operator training and the after-sales service. Biancalani exports around 90% of its production, with local agents in approximately 80 countries worldwide. Its main export countries are India, China, and in general the Far East. In Europe the countries that absorb more Biancalani machines are Turkey, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. The textile machines of the Tuscan company are always produced in an environmentally sustainable manner, are always easy to use and with low energy consumption.