Automatic Splicer and Laboratory Equipment


Mesdan® S.p.A., Italy, the renowned manufacturer of yarn splicers for knotless yarn joining, and quality control equipment for the textile laboratories (Mesdan-Lab division), also this year will attend the forthcoming ITM exhibition in Istanbul. Mesdan will be exhibiting in two booths: the n. 302 in Hall 3 for the spinning, and the n. 1231A in hall 12 for the dyeing/finishing, together with the exclusive local agents. The sales team will be there to present the latest technologies for both the production divisions:

MESDAN MOISTAIR 6901Moistair® 6901 and 6901R: the new automatic splicer for the Savio auto winders, extremely versatile and efficient for a variety of yarns such as Tencel®, single and dual core yarns (such as Lycra ®+ T-400 + cotton), very fine compact yarns, coarse & slub yarns and various blends in particular. Available for the new machines, as well as for the retrofitting of older machines.



MESDAN CONTESTContest: result of an important corporate investment, Contest is the very new laboratory equipment for all the cotton spinning mills, able to test automatically most of the fiber properties: neps, seed coat neps, trash, stickiness, micronaire, fineness and maturity. An equipment which was firstly presented during the last ITMA and then at the recent ITMF conference, and already received great interest from customers, institutes and the other operators.


The Mesdan Dye-Lab division: a completely new and extremely advanced range of dyeing machines for the laboratory was developed. Machines like “Giotto”, “Lodo” and “Auto-Chroma IR” are able to reproduce efficiently in the lab, the complete production dyeing process, in order to guarantee a great and fast matching of the results “from lab to bulk”.

Besides those news, focus will be placed on the other lab equipment – for the spinning, the weaving and the knitting, as well as for the dyeing and finishing and the technical textile testing – and on the splicing solutions for the downstream applications after the winding.